Improving the welfare of wives of soldiers through sound agricultural practices

The overarching goal of the proposed project is to empower women soldiers and wives for sustainable source of food for both income generation and subsistence use through sound and proven agricultural practices.

The primary objectives are to sustainably reduce poverty and increase women soldiers and wives incomes. The project is designed as an innovative platform for a broad, multi-partnership program to support the activities of women soldiers and wives in and out of the army barracks in Uganda.

This is intended to appropriate agribusiness entrepreneurial, and management skills required for effective participation in the creation of wealth and investments in socio-economically viable agribusiness enterprises in every army barracks in Uganda.

The activities proposed for this project are; chicken farming, fruits and vegetable production and fish farming. The activities will strengthen agriculture entrepreneurship capacities of women in the country and will serve as the basis for development of a nation-wide network of agricultural women enterprises.

It is expected that the full scale project when implemented will improve soldier welfare, increase on household income, improve food security, and reduce poverty in the forces hence stimulating economic growth.

The rationale for this project is premised on the fact that women make up a substantial majority of the agricultural workforce in Uganda and produce most of the food that is consumed locally.

Therefore the large proportion of agricultural production that is attributable to women makes them important agents of economic development and food security and household welfare.

The productivity and economic empowerment of women is therefore a logical priority of agriculture programs and policies that seek to promote agricultural development in Uganda.

The priority of the project activities is warranted both in terms of the importance of women