Visa processing context

The visa Processing for entry into Poland was scheduled to be done in Uganda. The process for visa application started on March 14, 2018 in Kampala. Good Care Uganda
Foundation wrote a letter requesting for clearance of a seven-member team to visit Poland. A letter was secured and a referral was made to Poland embassy in Nairobi.
Subsequently, the executive director – Lucky Moses
travelled with all documentation of the team to Nairobi to secure the visas. However, the Nairobi consular advised the
director to organize his team and they visit Nairobi for the
finger print registration process as a must requirement to get
Poland visa. An appointment was secured and 21
st March,
2018 was fixed as the date for the figure print and
registration exercise. Prior to the finger print exercise, all the
seven members filled online visa registrations forms and all
necessary documentation which was carried along with them
to Nairobi.

Travelling to Nairobi.

The team boarded a Kenya Airways Flight from
Entebbe to Nairobi at 9:45am and arrived in Nairobi at
The flight was with no complications or challenges
regarding time, concierge services and general
Because of the organized nature of the Kenya Airways
Flight service special thanks go to the KLM team.

Feedback from the Embassy.

Upon arrival at the embassy at 9:00am East African time the team was invited for interviews at
an individual basis.
Embassy interviewer made it known to the individual members of the team that visas shall be
processed on the 5th of April, 2018 and therefore all engagements in Poland must be adjusted in
light of the Embassy processes.
Additionally, online correspondences must be made with attachments for the updated invitation
letters from Foundation Light for Africa and new meeting schedules as well as updated hotel
bookings for the new travel changes made by the Embassy.
For the Ugandan team each member was required to correspond via email with letters from
employers, pay slips from the employer from the last 3 months and a valid up dated travel
insurance card.
It must be noted in the strongest terms that all the additional documentation requested by the
Polish Embassy in Nairobi had not been requested earlier before at the visa application process
stage while in Kampala and this took the team by surprise

General Commentary about Feedback from The Embassy by the UGANDA Team.

The team from Uganda is committed to the partnership meeting in Poland and is further
committed to ensuring that all requirements by the Embassy are fully met.

So, far the team has updated its travel insurance process and is 90% complete with
acquiring all necessary documentation form the employers in Uganda as requested by the

  • Through Good Care Foundation the team has setup communication channels to update the
    Embassy of Poland in Nairobi on the steps taken to full fill the new requirements by the
    Embassy of Poland in Nairobi.
  • The team shall also physically correspond with the Polish Embassy in Nairobi before the 5th
  • of April to ensure 100% visa issuance.
  •  Additionally, all schedules by the different members of the Ugandan team have been
    adjusted in light of the current circumstances.
  • The team from Uganda is corresponding with the Foundation Light for Africa to explain the
    delay to the partners in Poland so as to secure new meeting dates and appointments in
    light of the undesirable delays occasioned by the Visa office in the Embassy of Poland in
  • The team has resolved to fast track the visa issuance process on a 24 hour hour basis
    through communication with the embassy.